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Coloring Liquid

Basic shade + Incisal shade
According to the Vita 16 shade(Vita Classic), we independent research and development of full denture with zirconium staining, rich color appearance, wide use range, small influence on material properties, good stability.

Coloring Indication
KINCH brand of coloring liquid are indicated for coloring of pre-sintered full-contour crown, bridge made by white dental zirconia blocks for the dental laboratory or clinic.
Handling Instruction
* Recommend to wear personal safety gloves, when using our coloring liquid.
* Forbid to eat, drink or smoke while processing the liquid.
* Processing in air ventilation place and dry of the zirconia dental.
Storage Condition
* Store in tightly closed original bottle.
* Storage in cool & dry place, at room temperature (not above 30°C), keep away from sunlight.
* After using coloring liquid uncontaminated it is recommended to pour liquid into original bottle again for storage.
Coloring Category
Dentine Color: Vita Classic Shades A1-D4
Incisal Color: MC liquid
Instruction for Using of Coloring Liquid as refer download.