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Environmental, no noise
Compact size and installation easy and fast
Easy operation with touch-screen technology
High process reliability due to constant temperature control
Homogeneous temperature distribution in the firing chamber
Maximum process reliability due to optimally coordinated, fully-automated sintering programmes
Clear display of the sinter curve and sinter status

Technical parameters
Product Name Dental Sintering Furnace
Model CY-B1700-12IT
Application Zirconia sintering
Controller LCD touch controller
Limit Temperature 1700  oC
Limit Temperature ≤1650 oC
Heating Ramp 0~20 oC/Min
Chamber Size Φ120mm*120mm
Heating Element 1800 MoSi2 Rod
Thermal Couple Type B
Temperature Control PID automatic control via SCR power control
Heating Curves 30 Steps programmable
Sealing Type Bottom type door
Over Temperature Alarm Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Working Voltage 220V 50-60Hz
Working Power 2 Kw